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Brain tumors research today is a free monthly online journal that collates and summarizes the latest research about brain tumors, including details on symptoms, benign and malignant tumors, gliomas, screening, treatment. Brain tumors research today home view latest issue information about brain tumors books on brain tumors advertising in research today view other research today publications craniopharyngiomas. Karavitaki n, wass ja department of endocrinology, oxford centre for diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism, old road, headington, oxford, ox3 7lj, united kingdom. Craniopharyngiomas are epithelial tumors arising along the path of the craniopharyngeal duct and presenting with a variety of manifestations. Their optimal management remains a subject of debate. Currently, surgical excision followed by external beam irradiation is the main treatment option. Craniopharyngiomas are associated with significant long-term morbidity and mortality rates. viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra viagra online buy viagra for men how to buy generic viagra generic viagra online cheap generic viagra Published 29 january 2008 in endocrinol metab clin north am, 37(1): 173-93, ix-x. Full-text of this article is available online (may require subscription). Place a permanent text-link or advertisement here. © 2004-2012 brain tumors research today. All rights reserved. Brain tumors research today archive: volume 1 (2004)  issue 1 (august)   issue 2 (september)   issue 3 (october)   issue 4 (november)   issue 5 (december) volume 2 (2005)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (june)   issue 7 (july)   issue 8 (august)   issue 9 (september)   issue 10 (october)   issue 11 (november)   issue 12 (december) volume 3 (2006)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (june)   issue 7 (july)   issue 8 (august)   issue 9 (september)   issue 10 (october)   issue 11 (november)   issue 12 (december) volume 4 (2007)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (june)   issue 7 (july)   issue 8 (august)   issue 9 (september)   issue 10 (october)   issue 11 (november)   issue 12 (december) volume 5 (2008)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (june)   issue 7 (july)   issue 8 (august)   issue 9 (september)   issue 10 (october)   is.